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Welcome to Shadowland

A place I visit on regular bases.
Maybe reflections shining thru sometimes.

Who is Oxy Moron

The "nick" is not randomly chosen, but allways on the way but i never know where it will end.
But right know hiding out in my "Datja" Northern part of sweden "Lappland".


(there will be a FB/Twitter account later)

Menyval 3

Client Area


What is original art, I don't have a clue, but sometimes I look at things, and what I look at is creating a thought or a feeling.Anger discuss frustration happiness. Joy, other things I look at just passing by. But I think a famous artist once said:
"Art is what you can get away with".
- A. Warhol


My intressed in photography starts when I was very young. We had a darkroom at home where I spend a lots off time. My dad was in charge off the competitio in a small photoclub and at least a coupel off times a month there was judging off photos from other clubs. I do remeber I was a fly on the wall listening on how they (at this time) where judging other photographer from other clubs.

Per Forsell (1898-1979) is one off the best phtographer I meet and he was a good friend of my dad. You will find some of his sensitive/touching photographies at Google. I still remember listening to his stories about his pictures.

Photography today seems to be all about tecnical solutions and I don’t agree. A picture should share a feeling and send a message, otherwise their is no meaning with it.


To move a thoughts to a printed paper is much harder than i belived. Even though i am using Hahnemühle fine art printing paper, it’s not always come out as I want it to. Since they have made printing paper since 1584, they know what they doing. So i have to find the problem elsewhere I guess the problem is self induced, the Oxy in me say give upp the Moron say never give upp keep trying. By looking back i know that the Moron allways win, so I will keep going with my LBD project ;)

Menyval 4

We are allways on our way. For me it’s either Utopia or Dystopia, I am never in the middel. Just the way it is, I guess we can put a combination on letter to explain it but I see no meaning with that.

We are all allways on our way traveling thru life is a hell off a journey, most of the time it’s the closets behind the front that fascinates me, just to accept we have many sides and honestly it’s the one we hide and try to lock upp that fascinate me.


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